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Protector of Travellers

Ancient Spiritstm sells hand-made porcelain pendant jewellery decorated in astrological themes and Celtic motifs. Welcome to the pages for our Celtic motif jewellery!

Along the ancient Celtic coastlines are standing stones carved with stylised dolphins, tributes to Nehalennia, the steerswoman. As the Celtic goddess of guardianship, she offers protection to all travellers, both in this life and in the journey through the hereafter. In addition, she represents the abundance of mother earth, providing prosperity for her people, and is often depicted with a tree of life and cornucopiae. Her protective powers are personified by dolphins, ravens and dogs. Dolphins are the soul's guide across the waters to the Isle of the Blessed and represent spiritual rebirth. Dogs are a symbol of fidelity, protection and watchfulness. Dogs protect land travellers, as do ravens, a prophetic bird, ever watchful for danger. Nehalennia is often associated with the mystical life force and the healing properties of oceans, rivers, sacred wells and springs.

Illustrated pendants are greatly magnified. Actual size of these pendants is just 1.5" (4.0cm) or less in diameter and about 0.125" (0.4cm) thick. Each pendant necklace is pierced by a ring and threaded through with a black silk cord for immediate use in wearing.

Price: $24 Cdn or $16 US.
(all shipping included)

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