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Ordering Jewellery:

This *is* a secure server. If you wish to send a cheque or money order and not a credit card number, however, then do this: fill out the forms as if you were going to use your credit card, but leave out the card information and send it in without. Be *sure* to include your *e-mail* address as this is the only means we have to establish direct contact with you. We will then forward you the total cost of your order so that you can write us the cheque.

All these pendants cost $21 Cdn or $14 US. This price includes all shipping anywhere in the world, as these pendants have very little weight to them. But orders shipped to Canadian addresses must have our domestic sales taxes added to the cost.

Our postal address: AquarianAge, Box 25020 Hiway RPO, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. N2A 4A5.

Cdn Dollars (Canada only)
US Dollars (USA / World)

CJZ01: Aries

CJZ02: Taurus

CJZ03: Gemini

CJZ04: Cancer

CJZ05: Leo

CJZ06: Virgo

CJZ07: Libra

CJZ08: Scorpio

CJZ09: Sagittarius

CJZ10: Capricorn

CJZ11: Aquarius

CJZ12: Pisces

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