Earth Tiger: Wood Season

The new year is the time when everything old becomes young again, when a new cycle of creation and destruction opens before us and everything that has gone before gets pressed down into our subconscious and we face the world with new eyes, a light heart and an empty mind.

The first days of the new year are always essential to an understanding of the course that year will take. Issues destined to hold centre stage find their first expression in these first days and weeks. Likewise, the same may be said of the first days of a new season for the quality of that season. Opening days should reveal much at every level. This is the womb matrix of the new year. From the singularity of the birth moment of the year stream threads and tentacles of creation and innovation. Here we may see the year in miniature.

Wood over Earth is corrupt. Earth is unable to harness this energy and it flies free. Wood is the creation of new things, but there is no harmony in this creation, only conflict. Opposing forces of equal strength, each seized with their own ideas and convinced of their paramount truth, meet on the field of battle and attempt to impose these convictions upon others. There are protests, strikes, riots, coups d'état, threats, bullying tactics and intimidation, battles and wars and rumours of wars both hot and cold. But it is very very difficult for either side in any of these conflicts to claim a clear victory. Blood may be spilled, but both positions hold to their entrenchments.

The natural world will be a participant in this Season. Earthquakes along faults of uplift and plate collision are most likely, although quakes should be very plentiful on most continents in these weeks. Heightened volcanic activity requiring evacuations is almost a certainty.

The weather will take a turn for the better this year in general, although this Wood Season might not be much fun. The years of torrential rains and flooding and generally cool and soggy weather (1992--1997) should give way to more sunshine and warmth. Electrical storms will be frequent but brief and powerful. Windstorms of various kinds will also be frequent and destructive as wind is the favourite weather of the Tiger.

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