The future is as knowable as the past. And it is knowable because the past is known. That the work of Creation might never cease, out of Death arises new Life forever and ever.

What is this Place all About?:
This is a diary. But it is a diary of the future and not of the past. Here you can read the headlines of months to come long before they are set in type and run through the presses.

Am I serious? Oh yes, I *am* serious -- very serious. This site is not "for entertainment purposes only". These are real predictions made by a real person who fully expects to see real and verifiable results. There will be no cheating. The news results are straight off the wires and out of major newspapers and the television. If I'm right, I will be seen to be right; if I am wrong, I will be seen to be wrong.

Be welcome here. Come on in, pull up a chair and have a seat and prepare for a good read. This site navigates horizontally, in descending layers. It's very important not to move up and down only but sideways too!! Test what you read here. *Please* test my words -- take notes, print pages, make yourself a copy! Be sceptical. Then come back when the dates have passed and read of their fulfilment. Decide for yourself how true it all is. Write me and tell me what you think.

Who is this Ping Wu??? "Ping Wu" is the pen-name of the very first Eastern Taoist astrologer on the Internet. He landed on the net in 1990, when it was still very much in its infancy compared to today. The Web had just been invented then and was known to only a few academics interested in transoceanic research collaboration. Gopher servers were considered to be high-tech and cutting edge. Usenet news was not yet generally available. Listservers were the primary points of congregation and chatting. Everything was text-only -- there were no graphics, not even naughty pictures.

Discovering himself alone in the world as a Taoist astrologer on the Internet, he set about to carve out a niche for himself. He honed his skills at prophetic insights in private and then began to test the waters with a few public predictions in 1991, first on the Listservers, then finally out on Usenet, irregularly at first and then daily throughout 1994 until it got to be a bit too strenuous. After a hiatus in 1995, the predictions resumed through this site in autumn of 1996 and have been regular ever since.

How on Earth are you doing this?:
I make no claim of special powers. I am not a psychic, although I do have waking visions, induced in part by overwhelming knowledge. I am not the reincarnation of anyone special. My feet touch the earth when I walk. :-) I am the scholar first: an historian, an astrologer, a mystic, a student of human nature on a planetary scale.

Anyone can learn to do what I am doing here. How? By putting your ear to the ground and listening to the songs of life, to the rhythm of the Earth and the heartbeat of the universe. It hums, it throbs, it purrs. Sometimes it roars.

The Earth sings with Life. Not life, merely, but Life. And I believe in everlasting Life. Life without end. Life without cease. Life welling up out of the depths forever and ever. Bubbling, burbling Life, straight out of the wellspring of Eternal Chaos. Life that knows no decrease, no diminishment, no bounds. It sustains. It transforms. It overwhelms. It creates and it destroys and then it creates anew. It knows no favourites and bears no grudges. It is bountiful in its love and merciless in its verdicts. So long as we fail to understand it, we doom ourselves to a pointless struggle and endless misery.

What am I to Learn from this?:
Peace, serenity and knowledge. Question your impulses. Do not demand rain when the sun must shine. Do not look for the sun when it must rain. But, likewise and even more importantly, do not add your thunder to the storm. It can make lots of noise on its own, without your help! Listen to the wind in the trees and learn to move with them.

Knowledge alone does not necessarily change all that much. It does not make us wiser, more prudent or circumspect. There was a time when I worried about such things. Literature's constant warning to the Time Traveller intent on visiting the past is to be the obedient observer only and not to seek to change the course of events or to in any way interfere in the workings of Fate.

Not so. In the Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed man is not the king but an anomaly. The blind carry on their merry way and treat their "king" for his "illness" ...

As one wise man once wrote:

When going one way means life
and going the other means death,
One third will be comrades of life,
One third will be comrades of death,
And then there are those who value life too much
and thus move into the realm of death
and these also number three in ten.
Do not look for a lot of explanations here. There is a book in the works -- the world will have to wait for that and be content with that. Here is to be found only the message and some few insights into the messenger.

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