Born to Shop!
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Aries: Everything is marked "New and Improved"! Just Loves the "free sample" stands in the supermarket. Pay with whatever their latest account offers.

Taurus: Buys the same brand forever, but only the best. Decisions are made on the basis of test reports in consumer magazines. Pays cash.

Gemini: Has to buy at least two of everything and are total suckers for the impulse purchase at the checkout. Pay with cash-card or credit-card, as long as there is direct electronic link to bank. No hand-written vouchers please.

Cancer: Buys recycled and biodegradable everything that they can't grow themselves (organically, of course). Pays with old notes.

[Smiling Leo Glyph] Leo: Buys the biggest of everything. This is not for economy, but so that everyone can see the purchases in the trolley. Pays with Amex gold card... what do you mean, you don't accept Amex?

Virgo: Buys only what is on the shopping list, unless it happens to be exceptionally beautiful packaging. If the label is torn, it's not good enough. Pays cash and gives exact amount; no change necessary. Uses discount vouchers.

Libra: Spends twice as much time as anyone else. Also buys two of everything, but in different brands; one might be better than the other. Hovers at the checkout trying to decide how to pay.

Scorpio: Doesn't just go shopping. They *purchase comestibles* of Champagne and caviare. Oh, and whipped cream for later. They don't pay. The account is handed to the latest lover, whose allowance covers it all.

Sagittarius: Shops while wearing a Walkman playing Beethoven and everything has a foreign, unpronouncable label. Pays with a credit card which has a picture of Bangkok on it.

Capricorn: Buys exactly what is on the list and checks every can for price and "best before" date. Will buy two if it is essential and on sale. Checks the slip before handing over the cheque. Updates stub balance on the spot and mentally calculates interest lost.

Aquarius: Shops at craft markets when she's not supplying them, or better still, running them. Just Loves that darling little creative number --- which is perfectly useless. Pays with lots of change and small notes.

Pisces: Her husband does the shopping or else they wouldn't eat.

Created in 1995 by Clive Carpenter.
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