Did Anyone get the Sign Plate of that Car?
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If cars shared our astrological personalities, this might be what they would look like:

Aries --- No power steering (goes where it wants to).

Taurus --- Texas Steer horns hood ornament on an old Caddy.

Gemini --- two front ends or two steering wheels.

Cancer --- very cushy interior, probably silver or powder blue.

Leo --- Gold plated trim, maximum ornamentation.

Virgo --- State of the art navigation system.

Libra --- asks you if you're sure you're making the right turn...

Scorpio --- Built-in machine guns and spiked hubcaps (à la Batmobile).

Sagittarius --- Anything you can cruise in.

Capricorn --- Old black Mercedes or Jeep-type.

Aquarius --- May or may not start when you turn the key.

Pisces --- Teal green, lots of room inside.

Created in 1995 by Dianne.
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