Who Was that Masked Driver?
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Aries: Aries will be the first on the block to get the latest and greatest new model car to show off to all the neighbours. Also the first to put it up a tree while waving at the neighbours and shouting "Look at me!"

Taurus: the newest version of whatever car they're trading in. No sense in going out on a limb to buy something unfamiliar now is there?

Gemini: two cars, of course: the family car will be any old thing to take the wife/hubby and kids out in on weekends; the other car will belong to Gemini only and be loaded with extra features to give it class --- racing stripes, rad whhheeells, cellular phone, auto windows, auto door locks, auto attenna, CD player and stereo speakers, sun roof ....

Cancer: some cute little car that looks like a toy --- beetle bug, dune buggy, Japanese compact --- a child-car that hasn't fully grown up yet. She'll have pet names for it. She'll apologise to it for taking it over rough terrain and try to coax it along with soothing words.

Leo: a convertible, of course, so that everyone can see how wonderful they look driving it and be able to recognise him/her.

Virgo: a safe car. No tinted glass, good visibility on all sides, able to withstand winters without rusting. Big enough to survive an accident.

Libra: whatever her/his mate thinks the Libra should drive.

Scorpio: whatever the opposite sex will think the Scorpio looks good driving or might want to get into. Tinted windows are in!: more can happen in the back seat that way!

Sagittarius: any old box that will get from A to B without inflicting too many casualties.

Capricorn: some big luxury car that says Cappy has arrived in life.

Aquarius: the car with an environmental and social conscience!

Pisces: "You mean I have to learn to drive? What for?"

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