Mars the Hunter: Foraging for Food in the Modern Age
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[Laughing Mars Glyph] Mars represents male aggression and the male survival instinct. In ancient times, this meant going out into the wilds, spear in hand, until either food was found or he had died in the attempt. This energy finds itself ill at ease in the modern world, but it can still be witnessed in action at the smorgasbord table and at the No-No table of forbidden goodies ....

Offered with apologies to astrologer Martha Jones of Calgary.

Mars in Aries:
Pure, raw, unself-censored force. Conan the Barbarian, aggressive. Close-range, hand-to-hand combat.
Mars in the First House:
He will take a stand physically guarding what he wants to eat first.

Mars in Taurus:
He will never approach the table poorly prepared. He is richly pocketed and carries every conceivable dining implement for any contingency.
Mars in the Second House:
He will fight for his morsel and/or self-esteem.

Mars in Gemini:
A mouth warrior. He will talk about what he's going eat and how he's going to eat it, but he's so busy talking about it that he *forgets* to eat.
Mars in the Third House:
It's just the idea of eating for eating's sake.

Mars in Cancer:
The knife and fork of this Mars are like the sword Excalibur, lying beneath the surface, emerging only in a moment of extreme temptation.
Mars in the Fourth House:
He will eat when cornered, for home, family, heritage and territory. Eating is in his genes.

Mars in Leo:
He loves a parade, festivities, mariachi bands, wearing his heart (cholesterol count) on his sleeve for all to see. Colourful splatters of food on his tie. Every battle takes on epic proportions (of weight). He will select his food first, even if he's not first in line, and take two helpings to boot, too, because, well, he deserves it.... :-) [SS]
Mars in the Fifth House:
He will fight for the right to be there first because he has to take home a doggie bag for the children. If his children are there with him, then they will be able to take as much of whatever they want as they please and, if they then turn around and pitch some of it at the other guests, he will smile indulgently. [BT]

Mars in Virgo:
The Zen gourmand. A pure martial artist who picks through the veggies and never wastes a move. Sir Galahad the only knight pure enough to reach the Holy Grail of fat-free delicacies.
Mars in the Sixth House:
He takes a stand in front of the cream puffs for his integrity, not letting you touch it either.

Mars in Libra:
Solomon in judgement. He raises his sword to smite the poor unfortunate about to take more than his share, knowing that justice will prevail.
Mars in the Seventh House:
His fight is for fairness: Keep in line everybody ... there's more than enough to go around ...

Mars in Scorpio:
The terminator. Dark, watchful and dangerous. He strikes suddenly, ruthlesly and for keeps ... this table is *Mine,* he says, as he drives his fork into the wood grain and grins menacingly at the others waiting in line. [BT]
Mars in the Eighth House:
He will fight for ultimate survival --- food is his sanity, his soul, his sexuality. A little heavy on the raw oysters in the halfshell and ginseng syrup perhaps, but then that's what life is all about, eh? [BT]

Mars in Sagittarius:
The crusader. He travelled all the way over to this banquet from long distances just to pursue his quest for the truth: Is the paté as good as they say? He accumulates exotic morsels on his journey. Faith is his shield; his weapon of choice is long-range: knife and fork poised like an archer to hone in on that last piece of lox on a matzoth.
Mars in the Ninth House:
He fights for his belief that fish-oil is good for the skin. More lox please.

Mars in Capricorn:
The seasoned veteran. He is a practical strategist. Like a Roman warrior he leaves behind not only conquest, but nothing left on the table (after he's reconstructed the banquet-hall, the building it is in and the road and bridges leading to the festivities). He imposes structure on anarchy in the food-line.
Mars in the Tenth House:
He will fight for his ambitions to host a better banquet next year.

Mars in Aquarius:
The warrior from the future --- high tech, electrified ... or the guerrilla-rebel setting off unexpected bombs (too much garlic and beans?). The Che Guevara in the food line. She will bring along a bevy of her friends and together they will raid the table and carry off the loot. [SS]
Mars in the Eleventh House:
He fights for human rights, equality, friendship and connection --- handing you the last piece of stuffed eggplant if you'll donate to his cause.

Mars in Pisces:
The fisherman. He blends in passively, but camouflage is his weapon. His unsuspecting victim will take the lure and wind up with nothing since he's already got it in his net. She will wait until everyone else has made his choice and then sigh loudly, with much martyrdom, upon realizing that all the good stuff is gone. [SS]
Mars in the Twelfth House:
He fights for souls. Fillet of sole....

Created in 1995 by Sylvie Schneble, with Bits by Susan Santomieri and Bryan Trussler.
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