So What is this World's Fair Thingy?:

The Internet World Exposition is an Expo built in cyberspace. This Expo is the public face on a planetary government initiative to greatly expand the transoceanic fibre optic networks. This project has a budget in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Expo represents visually to a global audience (fast becoming a global village) just what this will mean in terms of planetary telecommunications --- the coming together of all peoples and cultures everywhere to meet on neutral ground. Consentience. Ordinary people and their governments all over the world are invited to build something (a pavilion site) that is an artistic expression of the time and place where they live, of their culture and way of life, and to throw this open to the world. AquarianAge is an Expo Pavilion within the World Cultures Pavilion of this World Exposition.

How is this different from what happens on Yahoo every day? Well, ideally, Expo pavilions stand apart from the vast majority of Internet sites in that they seek to Give to the Internet more than they Take. And, let's face it, it's the sites that Give that keep the Internet from becoming one big billboard! We feel that AquarianAge is worthy to stand in this company and hope that you will think so too.