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This is a comprehensive and growing resource collection of links to the best astrology and mainstream New Age sites on the Internet. It is *NOT* a free-for-all link service! There are tens of thousands upon thousands of sites out there and we are not interested in building up this collection to those levels. Please do not pester and harass us with multiple submissions of your own very special URL. We *DO* read all our mail and will eventually visit every site that comes to our attention.

And, just in case the message has not yet sunk in: We are picky, picky, picky, picky people! After all, we have Pluto, Mars and Uranus in Virgo, so don't expect heaps of compliments! :-) :-)

If you are confident we will find your site worthy of this list, send us a note at: (links@aquarianage.org)! Now then, here are the criteria:

  1. It must be its own domain, with a root URL (like: www.yahoo.com) and no trailing directory structure. We insist on this because only domain URLs are stable and dependable over the long term and we wish to avoid interminable corrections and updates. Some links are exceptions to this rule, but these exceptions are always sites within our own domain or otherwise within our purview.
  2. A site with qualifications in multiple categories will be listed in those multiple categories (unless it qualifies as a General Index of sites, in which case No), but always the link will be to the root directory of that domain only.
  3. We welcome suggestions of new categories, but please note that there currently are *NO* categories for UFOs or extra-terrestrial aliens and it will stay that way! Likewise, there is no category for Magick or the true Occult (Wicca and so forth), but only because this is an area that is alien to us and beyond our expertise to evaluate properly.
  4. It must look good and be useful. Not too much to ask, is it? :-)
We would also be pleased if you would provide us with a return link *somewhere* on your site, but this is not a prerequisite. As a general rule, we give links to sites that are so good they have no need of any more publicity.

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