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Top Diet Pills - by Deborah.

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Posted by Deborah on 28 November 2007 at 12:54:37:

Top Diet Pills.

Appetite may decrease immediately. You may expect to cut your food portion by 30 to 50 %.Taken 3 times per day, weight loss may occur at the beginning of the second week.Hoodia cactus (Hoodia gordonii) is a well known appetite suppressant and mood enhancer. Recent research has shown that the hoodia cactus species contains a molecule (named P-57) that is similar to glucose, only much stronger. Scientists believe that this molecule 'fools' the body into believing that it has just eaten, resulting in a lack of appetite. Many people experience an up lifting in their mood immediately, followed by a satiation of their appetite. You might want to eat because you know its lunchtime, but there's simply less desire to chew and swallow your food.Hoodia cactus is a leafless plant that has been used for weight loss for thousands of years by the nomadic SAN tribes that populate the arid territories of South Africa and Namibia. Recently, mass global interest has been shown in hoodia cactus since an international pharmaceutical company, began researching its potential as an aid for obesity. Western countries have claimed that hoodia cactus is the 'new miracle diet ingredient'. There is substantial scientific evidence that it may become a worldwide answer to obesity, as studies confirmed excellent results. Cassia nomame is a lipase inhibitor, an agent that blocks the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of fat. Consequently, fat molecules remain undigested and unabsorbed as they move through the gastrointestinal tract. This means their caloric content is not released into the bloodstream and there is less opportunity for fat to be stored.Garcinia cambogia or HCA, may be an effective compound for promoting weight loss. Laboratory research suggests that Garcinia cambogia is an effective appetite suppressant that also limits the production of cholesterol and fatty acids in the body while it raises body temperature to act in a thermogenic manner.

Weight Loss Pills.

Top Diet Pills.

Top Diet Pills,
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