The Chiron Cycle

by Anne Beversdorf

First Chiron Square: An event that happens in one's life that one is totally unable to "fit in" with their understanding of how life works, so they shove it under the rug, peeking every now and then to see if it's resolved itself. The description of this event has to do with the house (first) and sign (second) placement of the Square, and in a subtle way reflects on the issue of the natal chiron placement.

Opposition: Finally getting free, or being freed from a situation that has become confining to one's spirit. Often leaving home, leaving a marriage (or being left), leaving an unsatisfactory job--I've also seen lawsuits finally settled... Having the nature of any "opposition" aspect, it relates to self being freed from others in a 1-7 manner, but the specific event has more to do with house and sign placement of the opposition. At this point, quite frequently, people will enter therapy, realizing they need to "resolve" or "get a handle" on something. Quite often, that "something" turns out to be the original Chiron-square event.

Closing Square: In a symbolic way, a situation similar to the opening square will occur. In this case the person has the opportunity of integrating the first experience, replaying it on their own terms. For those who dropped out of school at the opening square, this often represents a return to school. While sign and house placement are important, the events of the first square are also important for interpretation here.

Chiron Return: At best, the re-integration of mind-body-spirit, to which Chiron's teaching aspired. This is also the coming together of masculine and feminine elements in a personality: a time when many men suddenly want to become Actively fathers, and a time when many women feel free to step forward assertively in their community. It's a time for reintegration and balance. Depending on the "work" done in the previous parts of the cycle, it can also bring a shocking--but enlightening--event of its own. By this time one begins to understand that their own "chironic wound" is what can be offered up to the service of others. That which one spends their life trying to understand is that which one has extraordinary abilities for the healing of others. For the very reason that the problem is unanswerable in one's own life, it means you are constantly "in process", which is a much greater position from which to help others than to be the "expert with the answers".

Next Round: Each part of the cycle becomes a turning point in life --- a spiraling upward of symbols connected with the original cycle. Usually far less difficult than the first cycle, with each stage becoming an additional push for freedom.

Major Aspects:

Conjunction to Sun: At this time one actively "rewrites ones life script" (thanks to Dale O'Brian for this image).

Conjunction to Uranus: Sudden, shocking change, statement of independence.

Conjunction to Pluto: Sudden, deep, internal upheaval followed by sense of freedom.

All conjunctions to natal planets involve Shock: Shock followed by new understanding; Shock, then resolution; Shock, then resolution. If T-Chiron does a retrograde number over the natal planet, the resolution will not come til the final pass.

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