Chiron through the Signs

by Zane B. Stein

Mr Stein's famous book on Chiron entitled Essence and Application:A View from Chiron has just been reprinted and is available for purchase direct from the author. The following are some excerpts from its pages:


Chiron was discovered in 1977, and soon turned out to be a major astrological tool. Chiron is now viewed by most astronomers as the largest periodic comet in the solar system, 10,000 times the mass of Halley's Comet. It was named after the mythological creature Chiron, the wisest of all centaurs, and teacher of such great heroes as Achilles and Hercules. It's orbit is currently close to 51 years, but quite unstable; one day Chiron may plunge toward the Sun, or be shot out of the system altogether. It functions as a bridge, or link between Saturn and Uranus. It focuses on one's personal woundedness, and how one can work to become whole. Some of its keywords include: key, healing, teacher, guru and maverick.

Chiron through the Signs:

Aries: Theirs is a personal imperative to push their potentials to the maximum ... a strong need to make their own point of view understood ... believe the rights of the individual are paramount.

Taurus: A personal imperative to search for values that are truly lasting ... they feel that no one should be deprived of the necessities of life ... often quite innovative in solving problems in the material world.

Gemini: It is especially imprtant for them to understand why there is a communication breakdown, or why there is an obstacle to communications, and to do everything to resolve the problem.

Cancer: "Security!" Nothing must stand in their way as they work to achieve this. Their family is paramount --- and in the evolved types the family is viewed as all of humanity. More in tune with the emotions than the average person.

Leo: Personal imperative to be individualists ... they need to be called upon to do something "only you can do." They cannot stand any restrictions on their self-expression ... not only for themselves, but for others.

Virgo: Many of these people have the soul of Don Quixote ... they have a personal imperative to right wrongs, correct errors ... there is a deep belief that no one should control another, no one should own another.

Libra: A hatred of injustice --- it must end now, not later. People are extremely important to them, and they fel that nothing must stand in the way of their trying to understand the viewpoints of others.

Scorpio: A personal imperative to control their own lives at any costs ... the ability to tune in to the universal energy and power and use it for themselves ... a powerful awarness of sex and sexual energy.

Sagittarius: They cannot stand the thought that anything should be forbidden, especially if they feel it is something from which they can learn ... need to let no obstacles stand in the way of sharing their beliefs with others.

Capricorn: They need to feel that they are on the right path for them, and they deeply believe that there is one specific path they must find for themselves. They also believe this is true for others.

Aquarius: The personal imperative for these people can be summed up in two words --- The Future. They have the souls of the Bohemians --- free souls --- and have a great deal of sympathy for those who stand out.

Pisces: They have a personal imperative to feel that whatever they are involved in is the truth ... they want to be truly universal in lifestyle ... one of the major lessons they have to learn is to avoid falling for wrong causes.

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