Lunar Progressions

by Miriam Laister
with Bits and Pieces by Bernadette Brady

The Progressed Moon:

The movement of the progressed Moon through the chart is an important factor in interpreting the dynamics of the unfoldment of life and personality. This is looked at in several ways. The first is the phase of the Progressed Moon to the Progressed Sun. We will look at this initially as unrelated to the chart itself. There are eight phases. Each quarter Moon and each halfway point between them. The phases are like transits in that they have a time of build-up and fade-out into the next phase. The build-up fade-out lasts a year or two in actual time and has an overlap of around 15o. The time factor is 29 years from one New Moon to the next. As this is also the approximate length of the Saturn cycle they will always be linked. In an average normal lifespan we will have two or three full cycles and two part cycles depending on the phase at the time of birth.

New Moon = Emergence: This is the time of new beginnings. There is a winding up of the old interests and activities and the starting of a new cycle in life. This is the seed time. The idea is planted. This can be a difficult time as we are apt to cling to the old ways and be a little afraid of the new which is still likely, at this stage, to be unclear. The house and sign of the New Moon indicate the direction of the growth. Note: Progressed Moon conjunct Natal Sun also indicates a new beginning.

Crescent Moon = Expansion: About three years on from the New Moon the seeds planted begin to manifest. There is recognition by self and others of the direction taken. The last cycle should be let go. The time is past for new ideas now. There is no room. The season is too late. This is the time to 'thin out' those seedlings. Are you doing this for yourself and your own growth or because family-partner-society think it is the right thing to do ? Only those seeds which are truly yours are worth nurturing. Others will not bear fruit.

First Quarter = Waxing Action: The cycle is well established now. The physical manifestation of the 'seeds' are there for all to see. You must be free from the past cycle now. You need to go ahead with confidence and be in control. If past conditions hold you back this is the time that your assertion must take over and break away. You may be challenged by others who perhaps have a vested interest in you staying on the old path. Your 'plant' is growing strongly and needs to be nurtured if it is to bear fruit in the future.

Gibbous Moon = Overcoming: You need recognition of what you are doing. You should be totally aware and comfortable with the energies that are now so important in your life. This is quite a productive time but you may need to struggle to stay on track. The fruit is setting and you can begin to see that the hard work is worthwhile and that you are will attain your goals. If you have not done sufficient work then you may see that the crop may not be what you expect. Your confidence is tested. There will probably be no more chances to get back on track.

Full Moon = Fulfilment: This is the culmination point of the cycle. You can harvest the fruit. You know now the true crop you have planted and nurtured. If 14 years ago you planted the wrong seeds or did not properly care for your seedlings then you may well have a nice crop of weeds. If all went well then you have rewards to reap. It is important that you recognise that this is harvest time. Don't wait for the crop to get better. Events can occur which help you take an objective look at what you have or have not achieved. You may feel you have not achieved much and are on the wrong path, that there is some sort of defeat or failure in you life. The important thing is to learn through looking at things objectively and acknowledge the reason for this. There are no failures, only lessons to be learned.

Disseminating Moon = Synthesis: Take your harvest to market. The crop is not growing, but need to be 'processed'. Share your knowledge with others. Fit it all into a larger social framework. Absorb it into your philosophy of life. Truly understand and integrate the lessons and paths into your life.

Third Quarter = Waning Reorientation: This is also action. Not the initiating action of the first quarter but a time of honing skills. The action comes from a knowledge of the past action. Bernadette Brady likens this to making wine from the fruit. The essence is now absorbed and becomes a part of us. However, especially towards the end of this time, there can also be a vague dissatisfaction, a feeling that perhaps you could have done better with another type of crop. You are beginning to wind down this cycle.

Balsamic Moon = Release: This is the end of a cycle of growth. It is a time of clearing the ground for a new crop. People and things which have played a large part in your life, perhaps for twenty-five years pass out and leave a space. In the emptiness you can panic and want to hold on to the past but the main theme of this phase is to let go of the things which are no longer needed for growth. As with any loss you first mourn that loss and then acknowledge that life must go on. You know that there is something 'out there' for you do do but you do not yet know what it is. This is a time when you need to 'trust the Cosmos' and let go. Resistance can mean that the Cosmos seems to force your hand through events.

The Moon in the Signs: The Progressed Moon moving through the signs does not have a great deal of significance. There is a certain amount of emotional overlay, a reaching towards the experiences of life associated with the sign through which the Moon is moving during each 2 1/2 years. If the Moon is moving through Fire or Air your leanings will be to outer development, if Water and Earth you will be more introspective. The main point is to note compatibility with the Natal Moon sign, as a time when there is a vast difference in the signs could be stressful.

Aspects: The Moon will make aspects between both progressed and Natal planets. These are of only a few weeks duration. They are often timing factors for events.

The Moon through the Houses: The 27 1/2 year passage of the Moon through the houses is important. This is almost a Moon Phase Cycle in itself. If you see the Moon on the AC as another New Moon you will see what I mean. Since this process is a more personal link it is more conscious than the Moon Phase. Due to differences in sizes of houses the cycle is uneven. You could use this to test out the different house systems. The life area represented by the house the Moon is moving through becomes emphasised. Look at the dual cycles of the Moon Phase and Moon Houses together. For instance, if the New Moon Phase starts in the first house, then the energies are compatible. However should this happen in the twelfth, it would be far harder to work with. A new Moon in the seventh when we are deeply involved with our relationship with others would not be easily expressed. A balsamic Moon in the tenth when we are concerned with our ambition and achievement would not be easy either, whereas a Full Moon would be ideal. As in all astrology work blending the themes is of paramount importance.

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