On the Etymology of Saturn

by Rick Levine and Janis Page

The glyph for SaTurn is comprised of a cross with an elongated bottom (T), and a backwards S connected to the bottom right.

_ "ST can be expressed hieroglyphically as $ symbolizing the serpent and the T, the cross or the Tree of Life. It is the life (serpentine) force pushing thru the growing point, threshold or "site". Theu the pairing of S and T strongly accents foundation, the "seat" of consciousness. Set, the oldest Eqyptian god, forms the basis of all the other gods, and being so basic or low he is considered evil. (To descend so low is to be considered "drunk" ot "sotted". A "sot" is also a child, the foundation of man." from Robert M. Hoffstein's "The English alphabet: an inquiry into its mystical construction" (New York: Kaedmon Publishing, 1975).

I'll add that originally the crucifix was represented by a cross with a serpent on it. The body of Jesus on the cross came much later... We are into primal stuff here, and Saturn is the one who held the boundary to the universe as we knew it for 1000's of years...

Linguistically, SaTurn = ST.

ST words abound with SaTurnine meaning. Here are just a few:

SaTan, STructure, STatus, STate, conSTriction, conSTruction, auSTere, STern, SeT, STone, STuck, STand, resiST, teST, STasis, sySTem, STabilize, eSTablish, eSTate, STandard, crySTalize, STress, conSTant, STiff, obSTinate, liST, STrain, STrict, STick, STatement, etc.

How do you give additional STructure to our number sySTem? With ST, of course! We measure things againST the firST (1st) and the laST. How do you give STructure to countries? With STatutes of STate. STructure urban geography? With poSTal STreet addresses. How do you SeT something in memory? STudy it! Give STructure to a process? with STart and STop!

We even have a part of speech built around the ST of SaTurn! Adjectives describe things -- SaTurn defines the outer limit of things. It is the limit of our sensory perceptions.

Big, bigger, biggeST
hot, hotter, hotteST
many, more, moST

All adjectives have a comparative and superlative form. The superlative form is the limit. You cannot get any colder than coldeST. ST is SaTurn. It is the limit!

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