STarSTruck SaTyrs

by Julienne Mullette

STartled aSTir in the STygian miSTS of our nighTmareS,

We rouST ourselves from our sleep-ToSSed eSTaTeS ---

SecreTly to TryST in the STables of our souls.

STealing away aSTride the STallions of SagiTTa

STopping by STreams under the STained glass STars

ConSTant-kiSS'T to a ruSTic paSTorale

STraying in the STeaming STormy waTerS

We STumble in the STark and mySTic Shadowings

Of the coal piTS with the SpiriTS of The AncienTS.

The STone STellae waSTed by the haSTy waTerS,

STill waTched by the planeTS and the aSTeroids,

The STars SilenTly STaring down upon our ecSTasies

The STellia of our paST and preSenT fanTaSies.

CrySTal movemenTS and rhyThmS of STudied SweeTneSS

LuSTing in the guSTing STorms of the nighTS.

The GalacTicS have STartled us in our STolen momenTS,

And STrewn our hearTS across the cosmic huSTings

In STories STroked on STarduST Strings.

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