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  1. Aries Pendant
  2. Taurus Pendant
  3. Gemini Pendant
  4. Cancer Pendant
  5. Leo Pendant
  6. Virgo Pendant
  1. Libra Pendant
  2. Scorpio Pendant
  3. Sagittarius Pendant
  4. Capricorn Pendant
  5. Aquarius Pendant
  6. Pisces Pendant
Ancient Spiritstm sells hand-made porcelain pendant jewellery decorated in astrological themes and Celtic motifs. Welcome to the pages describing our astrological pendant jewellery! Each pendant necklace includes a black silk cord for immediate use in wearing and is suspended on the cord in such a way that the pendant is unlikely to twist around with use.

Each pendant sells for $21 Cdn or $14 US. This includes shipping anywhere on Earth, but does not include the sales taxes owed by Canadians (in Canada only). Orders may be placed online through our secure server. Or you can send us a cheque or money order. Orders received online will be shipped within two days. Anything received through regular postal mail will be shipped a week after receipt.

Jewellery Designs are exclusive property of Touchstone Pottery Ltd.
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