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JigBoxx brings you the jigsaw puzzle emporium with a heart. More than just another e-commerce shopping site, JigBoxx is a community of puzzle enthusiasts -- people who have puzzles in progress at all times, people who must shove aside the jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table just to eat, people who hang up their puzzles on the walls to enjoy them as the works of art they truly are.


LOYALTY INCENTIVES: We reward our loyal customers with discounts on the JigBoxx ClubCard. And JigBoxx gives puzzle hobbyists a chance to speak out to each other about the pastime we all love. Become a JigBoxx member today!

INTERNATIONAL: Our arms are open to welcome the world at JigBoxx. Our site can be explored in several languages and all major currencies: dollars, pounds, euros, pesos, shekels, yen and rand. Yes, we ship to Europe. Yes, we ship across the Pacific. Yes, we ship to the Middle East. Yes, we ship to Latin America. Yes, this website will calculate postage for your puzzles to your country.

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The new puzzles for 2002 are here and on the shelves! Follow the links to see all new puzzles from SunsOut and Educa. Collectors of Josephine Wall will be delighted with four new images from her paint brushes and collectors of Tom duBois will want to see his new series of paintings of the Christmas Nativity story.

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We have recently added many fine Educa puzzles to our catalogue. These puzzles are imported from Spain and are among the very best in the world.

Check out our new SEARCH feature! Now you can search by puzzle theme, by price, by pieces, by art style, by popularity, by Title and Artist and Keywords! Full service in "Español" and "Português" (BR) is almost complete. Deutsch and Français are soon to follow.

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Hotlist of best-sellers updated daily.
  1. Manhattan Celebration
  2. Noah's Ark
  3. Starry Night
  4. Crystal of Enchantment
  5. Noah's Ark
  6. The Invitation (Noah)
  7. Café at Night
  8. Ice and Fire
  9. Bubble Flower
  10. The Commission (Noah)
  11. The Celebration (Noah)
  12. Key to Eternity
  13. The Kiss
  14. Melting Watch (Dali)
  15. Butterflies in the Mist
  16. Iris, Keeper of the Rainbow
  17. Central Park
  18. Koi Garden
  19. Wizard of Oz
  20. Bubble World
  21. Last Supper
  22. Egyptian Book of the Dead
  23. Tower Bridge, London
  24. The Untold Story
  25. Dove of Hope
  26. No Room at the Inn
  27. The Scream
  28. Bridge of Hope
  29. Dance Me to the End of Love
  30. Fifteen Wolves
  31. Winter's Nap
  32. In Search of Morpheus
  33. Merlin's Magic
  34. Magpie Fairy
  35. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  36. Dragon of Fire
  37. Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite
  38. School of Athens
  39. Enchanted Flute
  40. Wolf Pack

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