The Hit List: Eventually, this will be a list of major "hits" --- Ping Wu's most accurate predictions and their outcomes. (The shortness of this page does *not* mean that there haven't been any; only that he's been too busy to gather them all up.... Moreover, it is never apparent that an event will be remembered at the time of its occurrence because its happening is too immediate in the memory. Time provides needed perspective.)
[Tao Bullet] 22 Sep -- 25 Sep: This prediction was made: "Parting company. A breaking point is reached when obstructions and hindrances become intolerable. Either the opposition is ploughed under or else it seeks to break free and achieve an independent life by asserting its identity. Things are torn apart from within when private disputes become public. Cooperation is evasive and harmony is broken. Often the situation has deteriorated to this level because one or more sides have pushed too hard or resisted needful change too stubbornly."
And this is what happened: The Tunnel Uprising in Israel.....

[Tao Bullet] Fire Rat, Earth Season: Ping Wu makes his return to the Internet, now only on the World Wide Web, on 17 July 1996.
[Tao Bullet] Prehistory: On 16 May 1994, Ping Wu made his inaugural prediction post on Usenet's alt.astrology. From that day until the end of the year of the Wood Dog, Ping Wu posted his predictions and their fulfilments in that open forum, eventually earning the animosity of its sceptics and other anti-spiritual belligerents.

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