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          [Tarot: Nine of Pentacles]

Tarot Card Readings: We use several decks in our Tarot readings, varying them with the nature of the problem being considered. All readings are conducted by live practising psychics and professional Tarot readers. The full weight of their skills and experience are brought to bear on each problem put to them; their insights and impressions are composed and sent out by e-mail, fax or post. ~~ $40 Cdn.

[Rune: Feoh]

Runes: The Norse peoples worshipped the deities in the raw elements of their world -- earth, rock, trees, water, clouds and sky, fire --- and the power in love to create. The power of these elements was transferred into the Norse alphabet and they consulted it as a way of measuring their world. ~~ $40 Cdn.


Numerology: The mystical vibrations of numbers have been recognised and respected by all peoples in all lands since ancient times. Are you a mystical Three person? Are you lacking in Eights, the wealth number? Have you picked so many wrong numbers in life that you are now quite certain you have no lucky numbers? Find out now! ~~ $40 Cdn.

[I Ching: Tui]

I Ching Oracle: This is the oldest living spiritual tradition known to our species, having been in continuous use for upwards of seven thousand years. It does not predict, but it does offer guidance in making decisions and in living with their consequences. ~~ $20 Cdn.

Choosing an Oracle: Far too many people seek the advice of psychics and spiritual counsellors either without fully understanding what can and cannot be done or with inappropriate expectations of what will happen. Part of getting this right and making it work for you is to choose the right tool for the job at hand.

Of the four options presented above, only the Tarot Cards and the Runes offer to provide insights into the future. If predictions are desired, then you should be thinking about choosing one of these. Numerology does not predict --- like natal astrology, it tries to tap into the strengths and weaknesses of the individual person and to bring these to the surface. If the question is along the lines of "What's wrong with my life?" or "How can I improve myself?", then numerology is a good place to start. The I Ching Oracle is the most misunderstood of all. Only very rarely will it make a prediction; even then it will seem an eerie coincidence. The I Ching offers guidance in choosing or devising a course of action. It will either give its blessing on or withhold its blessing from a decision already made. When consulting the I Ching, it is best to state what this decision is right up front, as in: "I want to marry this person. Is this a good thing?" Whereupon the Oracle will respond with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

All associates of Mystic Rendezvous are bound by the code of ethics of the counselling profession and all correspondence with them is held in the strictest confidence.

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