AquarianAge Web-Hosting Services
After over three years on the Web and a history of steadily building traffic, we are pleased to be able to offer Web hosting services to the online New Age and holistic health communities.

Focus: Our ideal tenant believes in a healthy mind in a healthy body. We are primarily interested in *mainstream* astrology and New Age sites and in holistic health and alternative medicine sites. Of particular interest are sites that achieve health through spiritual practices, like Qi Gong for example. AquarianAge is, in fact, the only site on the Internet known to us that does successfully combine these two themes and we are successful because we exclude the Fringe of New Age consciousness -- no aliens, no abductions, nothing without credible foundations.

Traffic: This domain is currently attracting 50000 visitors per month, 25% through the main gates. These visitors produce almost a million server hits and above 3.00Gb of file transfers every month. This represents a five-fold increase in traffic in less than a year and growth of almost 20% per month since Sept 1996.

Promotion: Are half the clicks on your current site really just you peeking at it to see how its counter is doing? Or if it's doing? Anything? At All? Well, then you really do need our help! Unlike other hosting services that give you a bit of space and then leave you to sink or swim, we take an active and ongoing interest in your welfare. We do not leave our sites to languish in the backwaters of the Web. If we find a new place to link to your site, then we link it! If we can scare up some new visitors or clients for you, then we nab them and send them your way. We do this because we believe that your prosperity will be our prosperity. We *can* do this because we're online all the time, checking out what's happening out there.

Shingle Sites:
~~ These sites are single page sites. They are direct and to the point. They state plainly what their business is and what they can offer to the public.
~~ Visitors: About 10-30 people per day
~~ Construction Cost: about $200
~~ Price: $100/yr

Footprint Sites:
~~ These sites are rooms with a view! They have more than one page to them and their content may have some interactivity -- Perhaps a script engine to power them along? Perhaps a more sophisticated online order form?
~~ Visitors: About 20-60 people per day
~~ Construction Cost: about $300-$400
~~ Price: $200/yr

Beacon Sites:
~~ These sites are significant in their own right -- the world takes notice and people will traverse the chasm of the Web just to see what they're all about! These sites are either interactive or else boast some other feature that keeps people coming back for more.
~~ Visitors: About 40-80 people per day
~~ Construction Cost: about $400-$600
~~ Price: $300/yr

Stellar Sites:
~~ These sites own their own domain names and mailboxes. They are perfectly capable of making it on their own out on the Web, but are grateful for the extra traffic AquarianAge sends their way and our on-going site promotion services.
~~ Visitors: About 60-100 people per day
~~ Construction Cost: varies greatly
~~ Price: $400/yr

Pure Entertainment:
~~ AquarianAge builds Web pavilions for inclusion in this site in its own name and its own right. These sites are either pure entertainment or else represent some speculative venture by AquarianAge. If they are ventures, then that's just us trying to take advantage of the high exposure and traffic afforded by the synergy here. :-) If they are entertainment, then their purpose is to build traffic for the benefit of all our clients. We recognise that entertainment value is still a big draw on the Internet and that small business often has a hard time getting noticed! So -- we build the sites that no one will pay to get built but that are responsible for attracting all the people.
~~ Visitors: About 20-120 people per day

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