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AquarianAge Romance

Please keep in mind at all times that these interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. We do not want anyone to make a "life decision" solely on the basis of what is to be found here. It is up to the individual reader to decide for herself or himself whether and how far these observations are applicable to any personal situation. If you seek a more detailed and thorough evaluation, we urge you to search our Who's Who List for practising astrologers in your area and to get in touch with them, but even they, as professionals, will caution against letting their words have undue influence in life's decisions. Thank you!

Having said all that ...

After experiencing some delays and creativity blockages, we are pleased to announce that version one of our Romance area is installed and functional. There are 144 pages in here now for all the Sun-sign combinations only. The other departments will be created later --- they are dead links for now, but submissions of additional material are always welcome. If any page inspires some new thoughts, please send us mail! :-)

The browser will find Cupids scattered throughout these pages. These are reproductions of Victorian originals. There are over one hundred of them, but they have not all found a home just yet. Some images will be directly related to the words of the page, but most are merely decorative. We hope to have one on every page in a few weeks.

The left and right arrow buttons let you browse sideways or sequentially through all the pages, beginning with Aries-Aries and ending with Pisces-Pisces. The "Heart" button lets you escape from this sequence back to this page. None of these pages has been equipped with a "Web Tree" button, so there is no other means of escape.

Sun Sign Combinations:

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