=== Who's Where in Online Astrology ===

This is the definitive guide to practising astrologers on the open Internet as well as many of the smaller, proprietary networks (Prodigy, AOL, Genie ...). Not all e-mail links will always work --- a few are always going stale; please inform us of any strangeness. If an astrologer operates a regular practice and is actively seeking business, there may be a homepage link as well. These should always work.

Contributions to this site are listed as a series of plusses (+) and these are hotlinked to specific areas. This can make for an interesting way of exploring the AquarianAge site --- click randomly on the contribution plusses and just see where they take you. It's also a good way to evaluate the quality of any one astrologer's work.

If you have an astrology practice but your name does not appear here, send us some e-mail to tell us and we'll happily add you to the list. This service shall always be free. If you make a contribution to the site, you will earn yourself an entry automatically. Please read the Note to Visiting Astrologers for more information on how all this works. :-)

[Canada] [United States] [Latin America]
[Europa] [Asia] [Africa] [Oceania] [Unknown]


Allen, Peggy: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail]

Barwick, Michael E.: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail]

Despatie, Alain: [Canada: British Columbia] [E-mail]

Dubé, Marc-André: [Canada: Québec] [E-mail]

Jasmine, Brandi: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail] [ + | + ]

Kane, Jim: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail]

King, Donna: [Canada: BC] [E-mail]

McInnis, Sharon Lynn: [Canada: Manitoba] [E-mail]

Richardson, Mary Lynn: [Canada: Alberta] [E-mail]

Shaw, Rob: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail] [Area]

Simpson, Jef: [Canada: British Columbia] [E-mail]

Taylor, Duncan MacDonald: [Canada: B.C.] [E-mail]

Trussler, Bryan: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail] [Chart] [Homepage] [ + | + ]

Tsang, Wyne: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail]

Verdon, John J.B.V.: [Canada: Nova Scotia] [E-mail]

Walker, Stephanie: [Canada: Ontario] [E-mail]

United States

Alessandra, Patrick: [USA: Texas] [E-mail]

Anderson, Sherry: [USA: Massachusetts] [E-mail]

Aphrodette: [USA: Florida] [E-mail]

Astarre: [USA: Florida] [E-mail]

Barrett, David E.: [USA: Hawaii] [E-mail]

Beach, Donna: [USA: Missouri] [E-mail

Beason, Joseph E.: [USA: Indiana] [E-mail] [ + ]

Beversdorf, Anne E.: [USA: California] [E-mail] [ + | + ]

Boltz, Dorene: [USA: S Carolina] [E-mail]

Boroczky, Judith: [USA: Connecticut] [E-mail]

Brack, Mary V.: [USA: Colorado] [E-mail]

Browning, Susan: [USA: Arizona] [E-mail]

Byrne, Donald: [USA: Washington] [E-mail]

Camp, Robert L.: [USA: California] [E-mail] [Area] [Homepage]

Canter, Lenore: [USA: New York] [E-mail]

Carlin, Lisa: [USA: Arizona] [E-mail]

Cash, Mary: [USA: Colorado] [E-mail]

Chicanowicz, Edana McCaffery: [USA: New York] [E-mail]

Cottle, Doc: [USA: Kentucky] [E-mail]

Culy, Steve: [USA: Colorado] [E-mail]

Dashiell, Jude: [USA: Pennsylvania] [E-mail] [ + ]

Dobler, Stephanie A.: [USA: Pennsylvania] [E-mail]

Egan, Carolyn: [USA: Rhode Island] [E-mail]

Elkins: [USA: Massachusetts] [E-mail]

Epstein, Meira B.: [USA: New York] [E-mail]

Erlewine, Michael: [USA: Michigan] [E-mail]

Fannin, Bert: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Fearrington, Basil T.: [USA: Pennsylvania] [E-mail or E-mail]

Fernie, Rob: [USA: Arizona] [E-mail]

Freed, Karen: [USA: Massachusetts] [E-mail]

Goldstein, Jackie: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Goodworth, David L.: [USA: New York] [E-mail]

Guardino, Terence: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Hand, Cathy: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Harvey, Dave: [USA: Ohio] [E-mail]

Hastings, Muriel Foltz: [USA: Washington] [E-mail]

Hays, Edie Gale: [USA: Missouri] [E-mail]

Hess, Mary Agnes: [USA: Michigan] [E-mail]

Hogensen, Elizabeth: [USA: Wisconsin] [E-mail]

Horner, Evalie: [USA: Oklahoma] [E-mail]

Houle, Lisa K.: [USA: Hawaii] [E-mail]

Huckeby, Dale: [USA: Washington] [E-mail] [ + ]

Hunter, Sheila: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail]

Inman, Jeff: [USA: New Mexico] [E-mail]

Kittredge, Walter: [USA: Massachusetts] [E-mail]

Klein, Sara: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Labbee, Mark: [USA: Rhode Island] [E-mail]

Lavender, Jennierose: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Layne, Joan B.: [USA: Maryland] [E-mail]

Lehman, Lee: [USA: Florida] [E-mail]

Lehmann, Jonie: [USA: Virginia] [E-mail]

Levine, Rick: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail] [Kepler College] [ + ]

Lorentzen, Gary: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail] [Kepler College]

Love, Jake: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail]

Martin, Candy: [USA: Oklahoma] [E-mail]

Martin, Kelly: [USA: Indiana] [E-mail] [Area]

Mason, Lisa Shobhana: [USA: New York] [E-mail or E-mail]

McClelland, Bill: [USA: California] [E-mail]

McDougal, Lynn: [USA: Oregon] [E-mail]

McPherson, Maggie: [USA: Colorado] [E-mail]

Meadors, Sandy (Syrylyn): [USA: Indiana] [E-mail]

Millar, Karen: [USA: New Mexico] [E-mail]

Minnear, Gwynne M.: [USA: Texas] [E-mail]

Mitchell, Johanna: [USA: Oregon] [E-mail]

Mullette, Julienne: [USA: New York] [E-mail] [ + ]

Ness, Lester: [USA: Indiana] [E-mail

Newberg, Enid: [USA: California] [E-mail] [Kepler College]

Oxley, Marla: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Page, Janis: [USA: Colorado] [E-mail] [ + ]

Panther (Albert): [USA: Hawaii] [E-mail]

Parham, Ann: [USA: S Carolina] [E-mail]

Park, Dusty: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Perrone, Ed: [USA: Arizona] [E-mail]

Peter, Margot: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Phoenix: [USA: Texas] [E-mail]

Pierce, Tara: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Pullen, Walter D.: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail] [ + ]

Ramos, Frank: [USA: Missouri] [E-mail]

Roman, George: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Rozhon, Sandra: [USA: Ohio] [E-mail]

Santomieri, Susan: [USA: California] [E-mail] [ + ]

Sauvage, Jeanne: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail]

Schermer, Barbara: [USA: Illinois] [E-mail]

Schneble, Sylvia: [USA: California] [E-mail] [ + ]

Shea, Mary Fortier: [USA: Maryland] [E-mail]

Stahnke, Christopher: [USA: Virginia] [E-mail]

Stapleton, Pete: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Star, Lila: [USA: New York] [E-mail]

Stavenhagen, Lotte: [USA: Texas] [E-mail]

Steele, John: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Stein, Zane B.: [USA: California] [E-mail] [Homepage] [ + ]

Sunlite, Ellen: [USA: Florida] [E-mail]

Taylor, Peter J.: [USA: Kentucky] [E-mail]

Temple, Ruth: [USA: California] [E-mail]

Turner, Dixie: [USA: California] [E-mail]

VanAlstyne, Bill: [USA: California] {E-mail]

Van Hine, Louise: [USA: Washington State] [E-mail]

Wasserstrom, Randy: [USA: North Carolina] [E-mail]

Wetzel, Kramer: [USA: Texas] [E-mail]

Wilson, Lalia Robinson: [USA: Tennessee] [E-mail]

de Zengotita, Kathy: [USA: Massachusetts] [E-mail]

Zinner, Stuart: [USA: Hawaii] [E-mail]

Latin America

Falcao, Waldemar: [Latin: Brazil] [E-mail]

Kortsch, Gaby: [Latin: Mexico] [E-mail]

Leiva, Willie Dresler: [Latin: Brazil] [E-mail]

Merlyn: [Latin: Costa Rica] [E-mail]

Ramos, Daniela: [Latin: Brazil] [E-mail]


Broadbent, Anne R.: [Europa: England] [E-mail]

Buckner, Michael A.: [Europa: Sweden] [E-mail]

Bunkahle, Andreas: [Europa: Germany] [E-mail]

Cal, Efe: [Europa: Turkey] [E-mail]

Davda, Sonal: [Europa: UK] [E-mail]

Gylfason, Thorkell: [Europa: Sweden] [E-mail]

Kallio, Eeva: [Europa: Finland] [E-mail]

Kastinen, Markku: [Europa: Finland] [E-mail]

Lamb, Angi: [Europa: Scotland] [E-mail]

Lopina, Vjera: [Europa: Croatia] [E-mail]

Magee, Mike: [Europa: UK] [E-mail]

Mueller, Rene: [Europa: Switzerland] [E-mail]

Omhav, Bosse: [Europa: Sweden] [E-mail]

Pienkowski, Andrzej D.: [Europa: Ireland & Poland] [E-mail] [Note: Andrzej is seeking donations of used books to create a library of Astrology in Eastern Europe!]

Solibakke, Eric: [Europa: Norway] [E-mail]

Trainham, Rusty: [Europa: France] [E-mail]

Treindl, Alois: [Europa: Switzerland] [E-mail]

Van de Coterlet, Frank: [Europa: Netherlands] [E-mail]

Wentk, Richard: [Europa: UK] [E-mail] [ + | + ]


Su, Sylphid C.: [Taiwan] [E-mail]

Upadhye, Rajeev: [India: Maharashtra] [E-mail]


Carpenter, Clive: [Africa: South Africa] [E-mail] [ + ]

Lange, Anthony Richard: [Africa: South Africa] [E-mail]


Adams, Jessica: [Australia: NSW] [E-mail]

Gluskie, Meran: [Australia] [E-mail]

Griffin, Alia: [Australia: NSW] [E-mail]

Hill, Lynda: [Australia: NSW] [E-mail]

Kirchner, Stephen: [Australia: New South Wales] [E-mail]

Lai, Kim John: [Australia: Victoria] [E-mail]

Laister, Miriam: [Australia: Adelaide] [E-mail] [ + ]

Lloyd, Neil: [Australia] [E-mail]

O'Meley, Serena: [Australia: Victoria] [E-mail]


Algol: [E-mail]

Anders, Belinda: [E-mail]

Apollon: [E-mail]

Arganian, Lillian: [E-mail]

Baker, Earl Duncan: [E-mail] [ + ]

Bergner, Paul: [E-mail]

Black, Anne: [E-mail]

Brutman, Megan: [E-mail]

Burns, Linda: [E-mail]

deCarvalho, Roy: [E-mail]

Chapin, Tom: [E-mail]

Das, Prakash: [E-mail]

Dobyns, Zipporah: [E-mail] [ + | + ]

Dorr, Susanna: [E-mail]

Duehmig, Marjory: [E-mail]

Edwards, Susan H.: [E-mail]

Hales, Steve: [E-mail]

Irving, Ken: [E-mail]

James, Stephen: [E-mail] [Kepler College]

Jarrell, Jan: [E-mail]

Johnson, K. Paul: [E-mail]

Koenig, Gerald: [E-mail]

Kupperman, Laura Beth: [E-mail]

Labhart, Ron: [E-mail]

Leinbach, Esther: [E-mail]

Martin, Stacey B.: [E-mail]

Moore, Dermod: [E-mail]

Moore, Fran: [E-mail]

Morrow, June A.: [E-mail]

Mouton-McConnell, Michelle: [E-mail]

Paulette, Julie: [E-mail]

Perlow, Ken: [E-mail]

Ptasnik, Patty: [E-mail]

Roberts, Meade: [E-mail]

Schwalm, Carole: [E-mail]

Shapar, Kris: [E-mail]

Smith, Jacquie: [E-mail]

Smith, C. Michael: [E-mail]

Smith, Ricka L.: [E-mail]

Sosnoski, Dennis: [E-mail]

Stein, Kathryn L.: [E-mail]

Strang, James: [E-mail]

Uhl, George: [E-mail]

Urban-Lurain, Mark: [E-mail]

Van de Bogart, Willard: [E-mail]

Velasquez, R.A.: [E-mail]

Wallace, Rik: [E-mail]

Walther, Bridgett: [E-mail]

White, Bill: [E-mail]

Yronwode, Catherine: [E-mail]

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