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Zodax Mystic Cubes are a set of five cubes, each bearing six of the thirty ancient divinatory symbols used in the Zodax system. The five Cubes represent the five sides of a Pentacle and the five elements of ether, earth, air, fire and water. The six symbols on each Cube interrelate and follow an underlying astrological pattern.

The Zodax Cubes are intended to help you recognise and take advantage of your daily potentials in the more important areas of your life: personal development, career, finances, emotions, communication and health.

You should normally attempt to obtain a reading from the Cubes only once each day, preferably in the morning before outside events can influence your true state. For most netsurfers, this will mean "the wee hours" of the morning, unfortunately --- in practice the end of their day and not the beginning --- but we hope in this case that the Cubes will give your mind some things to meditate upon during the long hours of sleep ... :-)

In consulting the physical Cubes (the real-life ones and not the virtual ones here ...), the Cubes can be influenced by a variety of factors: your body chemistry, your current emotional state and the surrounding environment. The varying potentials of this physical and spiritual life force should transmit meaningful messages to you through the medium of the Cubes. With these virtual Cubes, it may come down to how you click the button!

To obtain a reading from the physical Cubes, we advise that they be held in your cupped hands for at least thirty seconds and be meditated upon intensely before being let to fall randomly onto a flat surface. Almost 8000 message combinations are possible. For the virtual version, we suggest coddling the mouse in your hands for a few moments before clicking the button ... ;-)

It is possible to ask specific questions of the Mystic Cubes, but only when using the physical Cubes and only when some matter is of particular importance to you. In these cases, you would choose the one or two Cubes most relevant to the question and throw them individually. For example, you could throw the Emotion Cube to answer a question regarding a romantic relationship, or perhaps the Colour (Mood) and Emotion Cubes together. This type of consultation will require more imagination and creativity on your part.

It will take you a while to learn how to use and interpret your Zodax Cubes with confidence. Through daily use and careful attention to the archetypes and meanings of the symbols appearing, you will soon master the art.

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