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If you enjoy working with this interactive full-colour Internet version of the Zodax Cubes and find them relevant and useful, we encourage you to buy a set of your very own.

The real-life Zodax Cubes are made from moulded plastic. They are the colour of old bones (taupe) or false ivory with incised emblems on each cube face. The five Zodax Cubes come in a real leather drawstring pouch branded with the talisman of a pentacle within a zodiac wheel. And, of course, your Zodax Cubes will come with their interpretive booklet to get you started casting your own readings.

The full cost of the Zodax Cubes will be only $15.00 per set. This is $15.00 Canadian if in Canada and $15.00 US if in the United States. This includes shipping & handling and all applicable taxes. Payment can be by cheque, by money order or by Visa credit card.

Even if you do not intend to provide us with the credit card information, please submit this form with at least your order and mailing address so that we will know to expect your cheque at a later time. This is a secure server.

Canadian Dollars
US Dollars

Zodax Mystic Cubes

If paying through snail mail, then the cheque or money order should be made payable to AquarianAge and sent to this address:

Box 25020 Hiway RPO
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2A 4A5

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