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There are nine screensavers currently available in the AquarianAge ScreenSaver collection -- one freeware sampler screensaver and eight commercial screensavers available for purchase and registration through this site. They will work on any computer running Win95 or better operating systems (Win95, Win98, WinNT, whatever) from Microsoft.®

Style 1: Hoop Style:
This screensaver's images are close-ups of individual signs and their enclosing hoops as displayed in the wallpaper image used with the Desktop Theme, together with that zodiac sign's name in curved text (positioned around the hoop's rim so as to be an echo of the hoop's own placement in the larger wheel of the zodiac).

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Style 2: Shield Style:
This screensaver takes the shield and its elemental jewels (the centrepiece of the wallpaper design) as its point of departure. A sort of javelin has been placed behind it, which rotates and points at each sign position in turn, like the hand of a clock. The word for that sign is impaled on the javelin's point and the sigil (glyph) for the sign appears in the place of honour at the heart of the shield.

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Style 3: Ring Style:
The hoop idea returns in what we call "the ring style", but this shape is more properly called a "dodecagon" (or perhaps dodecaring?). There is nothing in this design to refer back to the wallpapers. The words fall away and we achieve elegance and simplicity. The sigil (West) or character (East) for the sign, cloaked in the colour of its element, appears in the centre of each image, with a small arrow in the same colour marking that sign's place in the ring of the zodiac.

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Style 4: Ball Style:
These spheres are the special shape known as a dodecahedron, a twelve-sided polygon. The Dodecahedron was sacred to Pythagorean philosophers, who were numerologists and worshipped the logical paradox of mathematics. It is known also in Tibetan Buddhism, where it is used in sacred monuments ("stupa"). This screensaver holds twice as many images as others because we show the dodecahedron in twelve mid-rotation positions as well as the twelve full-face positions normally expected.

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