AquarianAge Desktop Themes & ScreenSavers
AquarianAge ScreenSavers:

There are nine screensavers currently available in the AquarianAge ScreenSaver collection -- one freeware sampler screensaver and eight commercial screensavers available for purchase and registration through this site. They will work on any computer running Win95 or better operating systems (Win95, Win98, WinNT, whatever) from Microsoft.®
I Hoop$12$12$18
II Shield$12$12$18
III Ring$12$12$18
IV Ball$12$12$18
ALL FOUR$30$30

AquarianAge Desktop Theme:

The AquarianAge Desktop Theme is entirely freeware, but it is fully functional only on machines running the "MS-Windows Plus!" pack in conjunction with a Win95 or later version of MS-Windows. If you don't have "Plus!" installed, then try using one of the wallpapers from the wallpaper collections -- they will always work!

We put a lot of thought into the creative aspects of this theme!! The default pointer cursor is the sign for Sagittarius. The I-beam edit cursor is Gemini. The waste basket is Pisces ("the dust-bin of the zodiac"). The resize cursors use the symbol for an opposition aspect. The music and sound effects use snippets of the "Age of Aquarius" song and Gustav Holst's "Planets Suite". There is something here for everyone with some knowledge of astrology and a sense of humour.

The wallpaper included with the Theme package is a "default" size of 1024x768 and illustrates the Western Zodiac. The wallpaper collections include files in resolutions from 640x480 all the way up to 1920x1440 for those extra large displays. The Western collection has different scales of the default wallpaper included in the main Theme file. The Eastern collection is a full rework of the Western style, using Chinese fonts and symbology and Chinese lantern red and gold as the predominant colours.

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