Earth Tiger: Wood Season: 1a

28 Jan ~~ 1 Feb

Inner release. Freedom. Prometheus unbound. Intransigent Water has held the world in its icy grip for far too long already. Now we can look for the Spring thaw. Pent up energies are vented, but the result is not always pretty. These are days of crisis: revolts, riots, coups d'état and other expressions of displeasure. Political intimidation over these days will have strong ideological overtones to it. Revelations will feed both sides. Expect the unexpected.

Weather: a pulse of warmer weather can be expected through these days. If the pulse is weak, then Spring will be slow in coming to that area. Warm winds will melt the snow in the north.

The Fulfilment:

The fulfilments do not get written up until several days after the specified days have elapsed. It is important to look ahead to see what I am predicting shall happen but, once you have determined that I am an honest prophet, it is equally important to go *Back* in time to see what has been written and done before. If past predictions did not often come true, then what is the point of reading what is to come? :-) See the introduction page for more info.

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