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Our Celtic jewellery is sorted by decorative motif. There are fifteen motifs in the collection and each motif has been created in three designs to fit the three shapes of Round, Oval and Octagonal for each motif. They can be worn as pendants, earrings or brooches. Pendants and brooches come in three or four sizes. In total, we have over 400 combinations available to us. But, for this online catalogue, we are selling only the medium-sized pendants in over forty motif and shape combinations. Visit our Special Orders page if you would like to get a brooch or earrings or if you would like to order something in a different size. Please select a motif:

  1. The Celtic Cross: Celestial Energy
  2. The Sacred Tree of Life: Spiritual Energy and Wisdom
  3. Fish: Secret Wisdom and Prophecy
  4. The Serpent: Earth Healer
  5. Knotwork: Spiritual Quest
  6. Spirals: Spiritual Growth
  7. The Horse: Sovereignty and Guidance
  8. Birds: Spirits of Prophecy
  9. Nehalennia: Protector of Travellers
  10. The Hare: Good Fortune and Rebirth
  11. Brigantia, Goddess of Healing and Inspiration
  12. The Dragon: Guardian Spirit
  13. Divine Couples: Friendship and Harmony
  14. The Stag: Protector of Nature
  15. Cerridwen: Transformation and Inspiration
Each motif is presented in three pendant shapes: the round, the oval and an octagon. Motifs get different treatments within each of these formats, being sometimes almost pictorial, other times more calligraphic, or even mythical, as in a dreamscape.

Each pendant sells for $24 Cdn or $16 US. This includes shipping anywhere on Earth, but does not include the sales taxes owed by Canadians (in Canada only). Orders may be placed online through our secure server. Or you can send us a cheque or money order. Orders received online will be shipped within two days. Anything received through regular postal mail will be shipped a week after receipt.

Jewellery Designs are exclusive property of Touchstone Pottery Ltd.
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