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The toplevel pages and principal menus are structured in a ring of "Houses". And topics are assigned to houses according to their astrological suitability for residence in that house or houses. Because of this, some topics are listed in multiple places: a magazine on health, for example, will be in both the sixth (health) and ninth (publishing) houses; a diary of prophecies will be in the third (diaries), eighth (prophecy) and ninth (foreign people) houses. We have done this because of the need to provide creative and original structure for the large amount of information contained here. A plain menu list just doesn't cut it anymore.

But we can also appreciate that this will be confusing to many people less familiar with the principles of astrology. We have, therefore, also maintained this list of areas organised more hierarchically, in which each topic appears only once. Numbers in square brackets indicate how many pages are in each area.

Please remember that new submissions of material are welcome in all areas. We build this site through user contributions. Chip in and be a star in our firmament.

AquarianAge Homepage Area --- The Toplevel Page

  1. Western Astrological Traditions --- [46]

    1. Chart Construction Area

    2. Western Tropical Astrology:
      1. Planets:

    3. Astrological Lore:
      1. Astrology & Angels
      2. Astrology & Food
      3. AstroJokes Collection
      4. Astrology & Music

  2. Romance Area --- [147]

  3. Taoist Astrology --- [136]
    1. Ping Wu's Taoist Diary
    2. I Ching Oracle

  4. Divination Techniques --- [106]
    1. The Cards of Destiny
    2. Zodax Mystic Cubes
    3. Mystic Rendezvous

  5. New Age Newstand --- [33]

    1. Healing Arts Magazine
      1. Articles from 1996: Life in Ancient Egypt, Nature's Remedies, Breaking Free of Stress, Intimate Love, Prosperity
      2. Articles from 1995: Hands that Heal -- The Art of Therapeutic Touch, Breast Cancer -- Tipping the Scales in Your Favour, Ginseng -- The King of Herbs, Edgar Cayce -- The Father of Holistic Medicine, Lifewatch: Quality Water is Essential, Chiropractic Celebrates a Century of Success with Care, The Nature of Aromatherapy, Musical Meditation, Psychics -- How to Separate the Real Ones from the Quacks, Elizabeth Sander -- An Intimate Journey, Vibrant Health is within Your Reach
      3. Premier Issue (1994): Angels, Osteoporosis -- Turning the Odds in Your Favour

    2. Astrology On the Air
      1. Canada
      2. United States
      3. Europe
      4. Oceania
      5. Elsewhere

  6. Education --- [7]
    1. Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences

  7. New Age Reference Desk --- [6]
    1. Who's Who of Online Astrologers
    2. Who's Where in Online Astrology

  8. Notes to Visitors --- [5]
    1. The Web Tree Help File [this file]
    2. Site Update History Guide
    3. Copyright Notices
    4. A Note to Visiting Astrologers
    5. On Netscape versus Lynx and the Others

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