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Re: Age of Aquarius Still Some Time Off

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Posted by Terry MacKinnell on 21 April 2006 at 22:44:21:

In Reply to: Age of Aquarius Still Some Time Off posted by Gryvnitz Igsryz on 20 November 2004 at 13:30:31:

Your statement makes a number of assumptions. Your main assumption is that the ages are calibrated by the position of the sun at the vernal equinox (VE). There is no doubt that the sun at the VE is loacted in the constellation of Pisces, and will not enter the constellation of Aquarius until around 2500AD.

However if your research a little further you will realise that this technique of using the sun's position at the VE is a late development of the ancient Greeks, as they were smitten by the application of mathematics to astronomy. Using mathematical techniques they were able to determine what constellation the sun was located at the VE because this cannot be directly observed because when the sun is observed it is always daytime when the stars cannot be seen.

The ancient Greeks also made a fundamental error when calibrating the `ages' based on the position of the sun at the VE. The ancient Greeks did not invent the zodiacal constellations - these were inherited from Babylon/Chaldea which had their antecedents in Sumer and Akkad from the 3rd millenia BC. When the zodiacal constellation were first defined they did not use the mathematical VE technique of the much later Greeks. The ancient technique of calibrating the ages was the heliacal rising at the VE.

Basically the heliacal rising is the last constellation seen rising on the eastern horizon before dawn at the VE. Because the stars dissapear with the approaching sun about one hour before dawn, the last zodiacal constellation seen heliacally rising before dawn is 15 degrees in `advance' of the sun's actual position at the VE. If you observe the eastern horizon around March 21 at the VE before sunrise the last zodiacal constellation you will see rising before the stars dissappear with the approaching sun is the constellation of Aquarius (though this is one of the harder zodiacal constellations to observe).

Based on the heliacal rising methodolgy, on average each age arrives approximately half an age in advance of the incorrect Greek method. However a second assumption made by many also clouds the waters.

There is an assumption that the zodiacal constellations should be taken literally. For example the constellation of Pisces is much larger than all the other zodiacal constellation so the assumption is that the Pisces age should be longer. The ancients did not perceive the constellations as land subdivisions with defined boundaries - they viewed the constellations as stick figures. There were no exact boundaries between the zodiacal constellations in ancient times.

My research also indicates that the zodiacal constellations are only approximate markers for the ages, as the stars are not arranged in an orderly fashion so the ancient astronomers arranged the constellations mainly based on natural groupings which distort the actual position of the signs.

Based on the heliacal rising method and confirmed by years of research into rectification I can safely say that the following are the boundaries of the ages in our vicinity to within 5 years of accruacy (for dates within about one thousand years of now with the accuracy outside of thse dates a little greater):

Taurus age 5113 BC
Aries age 2907 BC
Pisces age 723 BC
Aquarius age 1441 AD
Capricorn age 3584 AD

However without adequate understanding how the ages interact a naive observer would not be able to decipher these ages, mainly because the ages develop momentum. For example Pisces is more prevalent or observable in the Aquarian age than the new Aquarian age. Therefore we have been in the Aquarian age since the 15th century (coinciding with the first `modern mind' of Leonardi da Vinci) but Pisces ruled Europe and Christian religion have lept out of obscurity and become the dominant cultural, economic and political entity in the world, especially championed by the child of Europe - the USA.

This combination of Pisces and Aquarius in the world can be seen by the growth of democracy, technology, flight etc at the same time as delusion, propaganda, deceit and religious bigotry continues to exert so much anti-rational influence. The real Aquarian leap forward will not appear until the end of the Aquarian age c.3584 AD.

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