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First House: Aries the Ram

The First House is the house of the self. It is the physical body of the person and the place of body consciousness. It is the health one is dealt at birth -- two arms, two legs, ten fingers and ten toes. If there is anything lacking or anything amiss at birth, it falls to this house.

Here we introduce ourselves and our site. Here we have the map that lays bare the anatomy of the site. Here we have the story of our growth and development, from the day our site was born through our first teeth to the day we rode a bicycle. Here, too, is the inevitable copyright notice: the birthmark we got stamped on our bottoms before we left the hospital.... ;-)

Welcome to AquarianAge, the online showcase of astrology and New Age studies built by the New Age community for the benefit of serious practitioners, students and the curious alike. This project represents a unique experiment in the world of Web publishing: an effort to build up the definitive resource centre for a subject by and for all those who have an interest in the subject. Submissions are welcome in all categories --- even those we haven't thought of just yet! :-) It is being built on the cooperative model and there is more than enough room here for everyone. The outcome will be, we hope, a showcase of the collective wisdom of the very best minds in modern Astrology & the Aquarian Age. Enjoy!

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