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Eighth House: Scorpio the Scorpion

The Eighth House is the place of things held in common. It is all about joint resources, the sharing of these resources and fair play in sharing. It is also about what happens when these things become the focus of a dispute or when we fail to respect others with whom we share this world. This house governs mercantilism and banking -- all economic resources. It is the house of "big money" and it is here that we find billionaires, plutocrats and all Old Money held collectively by families and dynasties. Look to this house to find inheritances, legacies and lotteries. Here we find the collective sharing of wealth through taxes and the collective protection of wealth through insurance. Here too are those resources of the Earth which are the source of wealth -- gold, silver, minerals, oil, forests and all those things offered so freely by Mother Nature on which we humans set a price. And, when that price is too high, War is never far off.

This is the Scorpio House. Possession is nine-tenths of the law and it is in this house that questions of ownership and rights to property collide with the darker sides of human nature and we find possessiveness, jealousy, covetousness, envy, revenge and murder. War writ small. It is the house of Death and Resurrection. But it is not material resources alone that might be either shared or withheld from sharing. We can share our bodies in the act of sexual union -- pleasure for pleasure. Or we can trade pleasure for money in prostitution. Or we can refuse to share and commit rape instead. Bloodlust -- how apt! Or we can open up our souls to the divine and share ourselves with God. Here the ego is transcended and the soul learns something of the mysteries of God. It is the house of prophecies, occult magic and divination. It is the place of the numinous....

Here we discover our desire to know the future -- both our own and that of our larger society -- and we have answered it with a collection of mechanisms of divination. But always remember, when experimenting with these techniques, that they open only one very small window into the great beyond. Cherish whatever insight is gained from these; then think how much greater was the insight of the people who devised these systems and seek that in oneself. That is the imperative of this house: to seek out and merge with the Deity and be transformed by the experience. It is a personal journey that should be made by every one of us.

[]Cards of Destiny
System of astrology and divination using an ordinary deck of playing cards (the Minor Arcana of the Tarot). Online server permits calculation of your personal birth card. Books, tapes and videos available to further your knowledge and comprehension of this system.

[]Zodax Mystic Cubes
System of divination using a special set of dice marked with ancient mystical symbols and ideas.

Under construction.

[]I Ching Oracle
One of only a handful of I Ching Oracles left still in operation on the Net, ours is also the only implementation intelligent enough to tailor the moving lines text for the current reading. Numerous reference resources under development.

[]Ping Wu's Diary
Predictions and prophecies using the Taoist methods of astrology.