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Third House: Gemini the Twins

The Third House is the house of the immediate environment and of the personal interaction with this environment. Immediate environment includes everything from what comes within reach of hands and feet to childhood neighbours and the local community or neighbourhood. It is the house of physical grace and coordination and, hence, of all athletic arts (figure skating, dance and ballet, gymnastics). Clumsiness can be understood as imperfect interaction with one's physical environment. This house also governs how one copes with one's environment on other levels -- intellectually and emotionally. Primary education comes in here --- reading, writing, 'rithmetic and all those other things that one needs to get through life after kindergarten. It is the house of the daily routine within the immediate environment: short trips, errands, lists and knowing how to balance a chequebook. Along with "lists" come all transitory writings: lists, directories, journals, diaries, newspapers, advertising, pamphlets and newsletters. This is the house of coping and of the stresses of daily life.

Here we find all those quick and handy directories and reference lists that keep the world going around. We've added Ping Wu here too because, after all, it *is* a diary.

[]New Age Reference Desk:
[Astrologers by Name] = [Astrologers by Place]
Substantially complete, this is an alphabetical listing of e-mail addresses for all online astrologers known to us. If their place of residence is known, this is indicated. If their birth charts have been made public, they are included. If they have contributed to this site, their contributions are marked. If they have earned a homepage here, a link is provided.

[]AquarianAge Links Directory
The Internet's newest directory of New Age sites, astrology sites and holistic health sites.

[]Ping Wu's Taoist Diary
Predictions and prophecies using the Taoist methods of astrology.