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Sixth House: Virgo the Virgin

The Sixth House is the house of service, work and health. It is the place both of those who serve us and of our own service to others. It signifies the health and strength we develop as we grow into adulthood, for that is a reflection of the respect and degree of care we give to our bodies. It is the place of those who fall under our care but who are not of our blood -- our servants and our employees. And it speaks to what happens when we are called upon to render service and care to others. It is the place of family pets and all domesticated animals and also of their health and well-being. This is the house of our work ethic and a measure of our integrity as useful and productive citizens in this world.

Here we find the holistic health wing of the AquarianAge site. We are looking for products and services that would be appropriate to promote in this forum.

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