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Tenth House: Capricorn the Sea-Goat

The Tenth House, overshadowed by the Midheaven, is the house where personal ambitions get expressed through projection onto the larger world. It is the desire to create a structured and nurturing home turned outwards. It is both father and fatherland. It reflects our need to serve the fatherland and to contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of paternalism within society. This is the house of public honours and personal reputation in the civil community. This is the executive branch of the government and all means of enforcement, from police to the military. It is also the seat of upper management in large corporations. Even as the "terrible Mother" of the Fourth House is the mother who so loves her children that she devours them and drains them of all life, so too the "terrible Father" of this house is he who becomes "Big Brother", the all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful master of his domain whose harsh justice and quick sword immobilises his subjects. It is the wellspring of martial prowess and all worldly ambitions, the font of all honours and all punishments.

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[]Our Mantlepiece
What else to find in the house of public honours but our trophy shelf? Why is it rather barren? Well, that's what we would like to know as well ... If anyone out there feels like nominating us for something, feel free! :-)