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Ninth House: Sagittarius the Archer

The Ninth House is the house of social coordination on the grand scale, even as the Third House is the house of coordination within the personal life. This house governs all higher institutions of collective wisdom. It is the Law and all Parliaments and Assemblies where people gather from many lands to share and merge their individual desires and aspirations. It is Treaties and the United Nations. But it is also terrorism and idealism gone awry. It is Religion and the Church and all abstract questions of public morality and ethics. But it is also the house of Cults and religious zealotry. It is Philosophy and Academia and all universities and institutions of higher learning responsible for passing on all these concepts from the minds and mouths of the older generation to the ears and hearts of the next generation. Publishing and broadcasting and the media are governed through this house, but so is propaganda and instances of mass hysteria. Higher collective expressions of culture are found in this house, such as language and its rules and conventions in speech and writing -- alphabets, grammar and literary forms. Cultural exchanges and foreign travel belong here. Astrology itself, as a science and as an expression of the higher Will of the Universe, has a home here. It is about those things we all must do to make the world go round, but also about what happens when we fail or refuse to conform.

Here we place information about higher education in astrology, about astrological publications and broadcasting through the mass media, about other mass market publications and about the astrology of other lands and cultures and peoples.

[]Ping Wu's Taoist Diary
Predictions and prophecies using the Taoist methods of astrology.

[]Astrology on the Air
An effort to compile a directory of astrological television and radio shows around the world. Please tell us about shows in your area!