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Twelfth House: Pisces the Fishes

The Twelfth House is the house of the psyche and the subconscious as these play out in the world. It is the place of dreams and hallucinations. Is music for dance or for meditation? Here music is for silence. Here we withdraw into the solitude of our own skulls and seek transcendence. This is where the collective unconscious intercepts the individual and either exalts or destroys. It is the theatre of karma and of spiritual destinies. It is the stage whereupon all self-fulfilling prophecies play themselves out. Here is our self-undoing. It is where the mind meets infinity and is lost. Here all things are possible and all things meet their opposites. The Twelfth contains what lies beyond our care, beyond our ken and beyond the pale.

[]Astrology & Music
The music of Gustav Holst's The Planets Suite is rooted in astrology, mythology and ancient Greek ideas about the Music of the Spheres. Here we present a small midi (*.mid) file collection of individual movements from this suite, together with brief reviews of the works.

[]Age of Aquarius Midi (15k)
What else would you expect to find at the AquarianAge site if not the hit Hippie tune from the Sixties of the same name? :-)